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Group Classes

Group Classes are run throughout the spring and summer months with the exception of our drop in class which runs all year, weather premitting. Group classes are ideal for dogs who need general obedience training or puppies in need of socialization. 


Reactive Rover 

For dogs 7 months or older.

Prior understanding of positive reinforcement training is beneficial.

Turn stress into confidence and distraction into focus. Build your dog’s ability to relax, focus and work reliably in either stimulating or stressful situations through the use of training games that increase attention, reduce the power of stressors and the pull of distractions while you and your dog have fun in a friendly, safe and supportive environment.

$300 for a year long subscription 
location : Rainbow valley ravine 
Tuesdays 6 pm - drop in class come when convient to you over 12 months 



Puppy Class - Open to the public

This class is going to welcome new puppy owners with dogs age 4-6 months. We want to start out your relationship on the right paw.

Come to socialize, learn some off -leash skills, basic obedience and more!

We want to help you build a relationship with your hard working puppy who is full of energy. If you can't seem to get them to calm down our class will give you the skills to help your puppy learn boundaries that aid in this learning process.

For only $130 join us for 6 weekly classes 

Coming spring 2024


Basic skills on leash 

Dogs of any age are welcome to come and learn from one of our trainers or Animal Behaviour college students how to get those basic skills mastered!  You will learn how to have a better relationship with your dog through the leash and communication skills. 

For only $110 Join us for 4 weekly classes  

Taught by Eric Rodgers

Coming 2024

dog food

The love of a dog is a pure thing. He gives you a trust which is total. You must not betray it

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