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Introducing Our trainers

My name is Jenna Sooley and I am a graduate of Animal Behavior College where I earned my certification as an ABC Certified Dog Trainer.  My year-long commitment to this program has provided me with a formal education in canine obedience training and understanding behaviour and its motives. My certification, education and experience provide me with the skills required to effectively and humanely train your dog while keeping alive the spark that makes your dog so special to you.
I am a dog lover first, and a dog trainer second. I know from first-hand experience the difference dog training makes in the relationship between dog and owner. Without professional training, it can sometimes be a frustrating relationship, but with an investment in
good training, a wonderful transformation will occur.

I have been working with dogs and their owners for many years and there is nothing that satisfies me more than to see a happy dog and a happy owner!

My mission is to help you and your dog enjoy many happy years together.

















My name is Eric Rodgers, I have been apprenticing with Jenna full time since December 2019. In my time here I have been involved in the hands-on training of the dogs ranging from puppies to rescue fosters to severe reactivity cases. 

Among these is my own dog Max, a young Rottweiler who was surrendered to us showing major reactivity & aggression in addition to being badly undersocialized as his owners just couldn't walk him. He has inspired me to learn everything I can about canine behaviour, reactivity, aggression, & working with high-drive dogs. You can see updates of his progress on our social media.

My approach to dog training revolves around

understanding the experience of the dog so

I can understand what is causing the the

behaviour we are seeing. This allows me to

strive for an approach that improves your

four-legged friend's quality of life while

addressing the behavioural issues & improving

your special relationship all at once.

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