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Overnight Boarding

We are now offering boarding services to owners with reactive and fearful dogs. 

Our borading facility is a safe place for dogs with special needs to come and spend the night while owners get some time to themselves. 


Kong Enrichment

While your pup stays with us give them an extra special treat! We stuff kongs with all sorts of good stuff and freeze them for added brain activity.





Raw Feeding

Is your dog on a special diet? If they require raw food we are happy to accomadate these needs.

Due to the nature of longer prep time with these needs this service does have a daily fee.



Safe Haven Daytrain 

We understand the unique needs of each dog, and our Safe Haven Day Training is here to make a positive difference in their lives.

Give your dog the safe, supportive, and loving space they need to grow and overcome challenges. 

 We understand that your dog deserves more than just a regular boarding stay when you’re away. We offer a unique experience that goes beyond traditional boarding by providing training and fostering strong bonds with your canine companion. Our dedicated team specializes in handling even the most challenging dogs, including those who may be fearful of people or new places. We take pride in taking in dogs no one else can safely handle outside of their family. Trust us to provide your dog with a safe, nurturing, and enriching environment, where they can grow, learn, and build a lasting connection with our caring staff.

$86 per day of training


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